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Say Goodbye to Long Waits…

Introducing Ortho Speed Pass!

Urgent Care Centers have many advantages that help patients receive prompt, affordable quality treatment. This is particularly evident in Orthopedics. Most orthopedic issues are not life-threatening and can be easily treated in an urgent care setting, as opposed to your local hospital’s Emergency Department (ED).

Seeking treatment at an Urgent Care Center helps patients on several levels. First, consider the wait time. While in the Emergency Department of the hospital, most times you are in an environment with some very sick or critically injured people. These patients will take priority and make wait times considerably longer. Urgent care centers are designed to see patients in a timely manner. Second, there is a cost factor. Urgent Care Centers charge a simple office copay, as opposed to more costly facility fees, hospital copays, and high deductibles that may be incurred for an Emergency Department visit.

At Orthopedic Surgical Partners, we have taken our staff of Orthopedic Surgeons, Physician Assistants, and trained professionals and made them readily available to you at our Walk-in Urgent Orthopedic Care Center in Manchester, Ortho Speed Pass.

Injuries don’t happen by appointment

We’ve all been there – juggling life’s delicate balancing act between home, family, work, leisure, and relationships. We want to be our­ best and do our best, but sometimes these high expectations of perfection can lead to anxiety, exhaustion, and even injury. Ortho Speed Pass works according to your schedule, we are here for that persistent shoulder ache or clumsy accident that can disrupt your day or even your life. We are open 6 days a week and weeknights until 8:00 pm. Best of all, you can walk right in, and receive prompt attention without an appointment!

Specialized walk-in for specialized injuries

At some point, most of us have been to a “walk-in” center because we were experiencing pain or discomfort outside of normal business hours. Sinusitis and stomach aches are treated with ease, but most traditional walk-ins are not equipped to handle orthopedic issues. Instead, you are asked to follow up with an orthopedic specialist. Fractures, sprains, strains, pulls and other soft tissue injuries require the immediate, specialized care of an orthopedic professional. You can bypass the hassle of general walk-ins or busy Emergency Departments and head straight to Ortho Speed Pass, the urgent orthopedic care experts. After all, injuries don’t happen by appointment!

October 12, 2015