Joint Replacement & Joint Reconstruction

Providing Patients with a Safe and Pain-Free Return To Everyday Activities

Sometimes when it comes right down to it, your treatment options may be limited to joint replacement or joint reconstruction. Our physicians use only the most modern surgical procedures and minimally-invasive techniques and have been trained at the nation’s top medical universities for total hip, total knee, total and reverse shoulder, and total elbow replacement or reconstruction.

Orthopedic Surgical Partners proudly helped establish and currently oversee the Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute. Our goal is to return you to a pain-free, active lifestyle, with minimal risk and maximum enjoyment.

At HOS, our surgeons are trained in the techniques involving muscle- and tissue-sparing approaches using the leading-edge technology MAKO Robotic Arm.
We are excited to offer this option to our patients because of its many advantages; Personalized surgical plans, accurate placement, reducing the risk of complications, less pain and  quicker recovery times. Learn more

We also partner with Force in order to be able to provide patients with access to high quality, clinically validated remote care.

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Founded in 2010, Force Therapeutics is a powerful, episode-based virtual care platform that helps Orthopedic Surgical Partners clinicians educate, monitor, and stay connected to their patients once they begin recovery at home.

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