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At OSP we pride ourselves on doing everything we can to create a great working environment for our team. We are truly blessed to have a group of such caring and dedicated professionals bringing a genuine commitment to the service we provide for our patients.  Meet some of our team…

Donna Rizzio – Chief Executive Officer

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 My passion for OSP has grown exponentially as the years go on.One of the most unique aspects of my job is the trust the physicians place in my judgment. The physicians’ confidence in my abilities has been incredibly fulfilling.   – Donna Rizzio

In The Heart of Orthopedic Surgical Partners Beats a Seasoned Professional Named Donna Rizzio - CEO of Orthopedic Surgical Partners

When Donna Rizzio first arrived at OSP in 2010, she was returning from the bustling and prestigious Arizona Heart Institute, where she served as the Director of Practice Management. She had experience managing over 100 physicians, so the prospect of joining OSP with only three MDs at the time seemed uncertain. However, during the interview, Donna found the physicians to be exceptional individuals with integrity, intelligence, and genuine care for their staff. Impressed by their character, she accepted the position of CEO and has loved every minute since.

As the CEO, Donna oversees all aspects of the practice, from financial management, legal, compliance to human resources and recruiting. When she started, everything was still done on paper charts and there was no marketing or website. She took it upon herself to transform the practice into a dynamic facility with four locations and three Orthopedic Urgent Care Centers.  “My passion for OSP has grown exponentially as the years go on.” Says Donna. “One of the most unique aspects of my job is the trust the physicians place in my judgment.”  This trust has allowed her to grow the practice from just four providers to a thriving group of over 20 providers. “The physicians’ confidence in my abilities has been incredibly fulfilling.” OSP has now become one of the area’s largest and most popular practices.

The part of her role that brings her the most personal fulfillment is witnessing the practice’s growth and transformation. Donna is known for bringing strength, structure, and support to all aspects of the practice and particularly enjoys decorating the new facilities, adding a personal and inviting touch to each office. “We take pride not only in the care we provide but where we provide it.

When comparing OSP to other places she has worked, Donna emphasizes that the most significant benefit is the physicians who have set OSP apart from other places she has experienced in her career. “Their kindness, honesty, and care for their staff is truly unique. It is evident in the dedication of the employees, three of which have been with the practice for over 30 years!

In a few succinct words, Donna encapsulated the essence of OSP: “Unique, thoughtful, and family-oriented.” And gazing toward the future, Donna says, “I plan to continue the culture we have regardless of how we grow. As it sets our medical practice aside from others.” Her determination to preserve the practice’s core values is resolute, ensuring that the practice’s legacy will endure, much like the memories of paper charts and a time before marketing and websites. It is a testament to the harmonious blend of professionalism and compassion that defines the practice.

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Lindsey Colon – Rocky Hill Site Supervisor

The Value of Relationships and Leadership

The unique thing about my job is that I get to build relationships; it doesn’t feel like a job here. My coworkers are my family, and everyone is so supportive. You are always reminded of your value and how appreciated you are.”  says Lindsey Colon, site supervisor for the OSP Rocky Hill office.

Lindsey has enjoyed this kind of support for over five years. Starting at the front desk and with guidance from Donna, the CEO, she soon moved through various positions where she developed skills and relationships that she continues to nurture daily.

The most rewarding thing to Lindsey is being a leader and being able to listen to her staff and implement their ideas to help the business run smoothly. The support she sees from staff and doctors in this practice is truly unique and makes her love to come to work every day.

OSP is big on staff appreciation, from gift cards, and lunches to wonderful special celebrations. Lindsey highlights that hard work is truly recognized, and that encourages staff to keep up the excellent work.

 If you want to love your job, come here. If you want to be recognized for your hard work, come here. If you want growth, come here, and if you want to work with people you love, come here!   – Lindsey Colon

Scott Forest – Clinical Operations Manager

 OSP has provided me with a fulfilling and dynamic work experience, surrounded by exceptional colleagues and a supportive culture. We really are, like our name says, Partners. I am grateful for the opportunities OSP has given me to grow both professionally and personally.   – Scott Forest

Taking on Responsibilities

Scott Forest has been a part of OSP for almost five years and can confidently say it has been an incredible journey. What initially brought him to the practice was the opportunity to grow and develop new skills in a familiar environment, surrounded by people he deeply respects. But what truly keeps him at OSP is the exceptional culture and atmosphere permeating the organization.

“As the Clinical Operations Manager, my role primarily involves working closely with the clinical team, including the radiographers and medical assistants. Additionally, I serve as the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Coordinator, overseeing all things DME related. I also have the privilege of working alongside the clinical staff as a medical assistant and radiographer, providing me firsthand knowledge of their needs. Furthermore, I take on various responsibilities, serving as on-site IT support and becoming a jack of all trades within the organization.

The most unique aspect of Scott’s job is the variety of tasks it offers. “I constantly find myself building upon my role and taking on additional responsibilities, which keeps me engaged and continuously learning.” What brings Scott the most personal satisfaction is helping the staff succeed. Whether mentoring them professionally or simply making their day a bit easier by lending a helping hand, he finds great joy in acts of service. “It’s my love language, and I genuinely love what I do.”

When comparing OSP to other places he has worked, the standout benefit is undoubtedly the culture and its impact on everyone at the practice. The positive work environment and the supportive nature of the team make OSP truly special. To anyone considering working at OSP, Scott would say that it is a rewarding, fast-paced, and enjoyable place to be. “We work hard so that we can play hard, and the sense of fulfillment and camaraderie is truly unmatched.”

Outside of work, Scott loves keeping busy. Whether it’s chasing his two young children around the yard or working on various projects, from household renovations and building hot rods in the garage to tinkering with RC bashers and boats in his basement, there’s never a dull moment. “I even enjoy playing with Legos with my kids and modifying their Power Wheels for more power, often channeling my inner Tim Allen with a few grunts. As you can see, nothing is off the table in my pursuit of keeping life exciting.”

Evelyn Nasiakos – HR manager and Manchester Site Supervisor

Learning New Skills and Team Work to Ensure Maximum Efficiency

Working at Orthopedic Surgical Partners has been the best decision Evelyn Nasiakos made 5 years ago.  “I truly enjoy keeping a satisfactory workplace for staff and providers, and ensuring that all staffing needs are met, I feel like OSP is part of an extended family.” Evelyn, HR manager and Manchester site manager, highlights the fact that her colleagues are all supportive and helpful to one another to ensure maximum efficiency in operating the business. What’s more, no day is ever the same, so she is constantly learning new skills and knowledge in her role. “The fact that OSP values their employee’s opinion enough to make them a part of important decision-making processes and the different opportunities that arrive each day to learn pushes me to constantly grow and be better.”  Evelyn reports that family-like environment makes her love her job more and more every day.

 “It’s truly been an incredible experience working with such warm and knowledgeable people who feel almost like a second family to me, something that does not come easily but is priceless once you find it.”   – Evelyn Nasiakos

Debra Jedziniak – Director of Operations

Debra Jedziniak

 It is a great place to work, we have beautiful facilities, a phenomenal staff, and an incredible opportunity to learn something new every day. The combination of a supportive environment and continuous learning makes OSP an ideal workplace for anyone seeking professional and personal growth.   – Debra Jedziniak

Managing Operations Contributing to the Progress and Success of the Practice

Debra Jedziniak’s remarkable journey with OSP began with a chance job interview many years ago when they were just a small, two-physician practice. Since then, she has witnessed the constant growth of the practice and staff, which has kept things interesting and fueled her dedication to OSP.

Now the Director of Operations at OSP, Debra celebrates an impressive 46 years of service, unwavering commitment, and loyalty to OSP. Her role as the Director of Operations is diverse and multifaceted. She works closely with the CEO, taking charge of practice management and financial management. Given her extensive tenure, Debra also attends to the individual needs of the providers, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

The most unique aspect of Debra’s job lies in the ever-changing environment of medicine. To keep pace with the regulations imposed by insurance companies and governmental requirements, she and the team must remain agile and alert. The dynamic nature of their work keeps them on their toes and creates an environment that is both challenging and stimulating.

For Debra, the most personally fulfilling part of her role is getting the job done. Every day, she works tirelessly to keep the practice moving forward, overcoming obstacles, and ensuring smooth operations. “The satisfaction that comes from contributing to the progress and success of the practice is immeasurable.”

When asked about the benefits of working at OSP, Debra has a resounding endorsement. “It is a great place to work, we have beautiful facilities, a phenomenal staff, and an incredible opportunity to learn something new every day. The combination of a supportive environment and continuous learning makes OSP an ideal workplace for anyone seeking professional and personal growth.”

Debra describes OSP in three words professional, compassionate, and welcoming. The dedication to professionalism, the genuine care for patients, and the warm and inclusive atmosphere create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

“It is a privilege to be part of a team that strives for excellence and embraces growth while providing compassionate care to all.”

Adriane Womack – Avon Site Supervisor

 OSP is like a family. We have a high bar; we are all team players, no matter your job. This practice cares about its employees. There is always an open door and an opportunity to share thoughts and opinions. It’s fantastic, and I am truly proud to be a part of this practice!   – Adriane Womack

Making Every Moment Matter

From the first moment, phone or face to face, entry to exit of our offices, we exist to serve patients. “Every experience at this office matters,” says Adriane Womack, Supervisor at Orthopedic Surgical Partners Avon office. “To me, customer service is my highest priority, and it’s about making every moment with our office, doctors, and staff the best it can be.” And Adriane has a glorious 32 years of doing just that. After ten years at St. Francis hospital, Adriane was referred by a staff member at OSP to come and join their team, and she has never looked back. “From the very beginning, the professional environment, the great staff and doctors make you feel like you are part of a family. The communication and openness between all departments is something you don’t find very often. It really makes you wake up loving going to work!

As the point person for office management and patient relations, naturally, not every day is easy. Still, as a self-described “people person,” one of Adriane’s unique gifts is the ability to unite diverse perspectives. As an empathic customer relator, she is keenly attentive to customer needs and can build understanding, enthusiasm, and desire for positive outcomes. “I love what I do, and I love seeing patients happy. That can only happen when you have a good team who respects each other and the patient experience. We have that here at OSP!” OSP has maintained an outstanding reputation in Connecticut from patients, staff and the referring community for good reason.

Paulette Woods – Revenue Cycle Manager

Eye On Improvement

Most unique part of my job watching ways I can improve systems and process.  I love the backend of things and how people and processes work and how they can be improved.

Paulette’s daughter was 6 months old when she joined the OSP team.  That was 26 years ago!  “We are a big family here.  The environment is rooted in respect and its truly a wonderful place to work… you won’t ever want to leave!

Paulette has been responsible for a variety of positions during her tenure at OSP.  From working the front desk, managing medical records, being the OSP billing specialist to the assistant of the CEO, she has definitively seen first-hand how a practice is run.

Now, 15 years into her role as revenue cycle manager she is perfectly poised to help her fellow colleagues and help streamline processes.  With her years of experience on how revenue is coming in, how insurance claims are handled and watching processes internally, she truly enjoys using that experience to help those that she manages.

 We are a growing department – we work hard and laugh hard so it’s a wonder climate. We really like coming to work. We help and respect each other, we really look forward to seeing each other each day   – Paulette Woods

Suleika Cox – Lead Medical Assistant

Suleika Cox2

 It’s an incredible workplace. The wealth of knowledge and skills acquired is invaluable, shaping individuals into wellrounded healthcare providers.   – Suleika Cox

Lead Medical Assistant Ensuring the Clinic's Smooth Operation

Suleika Cox embarked on her journey with OSP in 2019 when she relocated from the vibrant streets of New York City to Connecticut. She sought a position akin to her previous role and found a home at OSP. As the Lead Medical Assistant for the last five years, the driving force behind Suleika’s loyalty lies in the unique office culture, which transforms colleagues into a supportive and cohesive family, making each day at OSP more than just a job but a fulfilling experience.

Suleika orchestrates the day-to-day activities of her fellow medical assistants, ensuring the clinic’s smooth operation. Managing schedules, addressing call-outs, and resolving any issues that may arise are all part of her multifaceted role. Additionally, she serves as a medical assistant to Dr. Litchfield and his surgical coordinator, taking charge of surgical bookings, patient clearances, and overall surgery coordination. A standout feature of her job is the close collaboration with the CEO, underscoring OSP’s open-door policy and the inclusive work environment it cultivates.

For Suleika, her role’s most personally fulfilling aspect is aiding individuals in reclaiming their lives and improving their well-being. The satisfaction derived from contributing to patients’ journeys towards recovery is unparalleled. OSP distinguishes itself from other workplaces through its unwavering emphasis on continuous learning and growth. From surgical training to front desk responsibilities and now progressing into a management role, the organization offers ample personal and professional development opportunities.

To those contemplating a career at OSP, Suleika says, “It’s an incredible workplace. The wealth of knowledge and skills acquired is invaluable, shaping individuals into well-rounded healthcare providers.” The practice is characterized by its organizational efficiency, collaborative spirit, and innovative approach to patient care. “Working at OSP is not merely a job; it’s an opportunity to thrive in a supportive and dynamic healthcare environment.”

Nadine Shenas – Lead Radiologic Technologist

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 The most distinctive aspect of my job lies in the constant need for critical thinking. Each patient and situation present a unique challenge, requiring on-the-spot problem-solving to ensure optimal results while prioritizing patient comfort. I truly love it!   – Nadine Shenas

Radiology with a Heart: Nadine Shenas at OSP

Nadine Shenas, Lead Radiologic Technologist, shares her journey with OSP, a place she’s been proud to call her professional home for nearly 5 years. Drawn to OSP by the glowing recommendations from a friend, Nadine discovered not only a workplace renowned for its professional excellence and impact on lives but also a unique culture that felt like family. The exceptional bedside manner of the physicians and the supportive community of colleagues are what have kept her committed to OSP.

In her role as the Lead Radiologic Technologist, Nadine oversees a bustling department that handles up to 80 patients a day. Beyond the technical aspects of capturing crucial images, her responsibilities include managing supplies, handling medical records, and stepping in wherever needed. “The most distinctive aspect of my job lies in the constant need for critical thinking. Each patient and situation present a unique challenge, requiring on-the-spot problem-solving to ensure optimal results while prioritizing patient comfort. I truly love it!

Nadine finds personal fulfillment in making a difference in patients’ lives, particularly in alleviating their anxieties and pain during the imaging process. Seeing patients leave with a smile, despite their initial hesitations, is a rewarding experience for her. What sets OSP apart for Nadine is the close collaboration with providers. Unlike other healthcare settings Nadine appreciated that the physicians at OSP are approachable, eager to teach, and
willing to answer questions. This culture of knowledge-sharing enhances the team’s skills and understanding of their roles.

To those considering joining OSP, Nadine enthusiastically describes it as a great learning environment where team orientation, coupled with the supportive staff and passionate physicians, creates a collaborative and established workplace. “OSP is collaborative, established, and passionate. I feel lucky to be a part of this extraordinary organization.”

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