Michael R. Boniello, MD, MSc – Orthopedic Surgeon Specializing in Sports Medicine

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Michael R. Boniello, MD, MSc

As a former competitive alpine racer, Dr. Boniello can confidently say he has the best job in the world! Originally from North Salem, New York, Dr. Boniello traveled throughout the East Coast for his training and is excited to be one of the newest additions to Orthopedic Surgical Partners. From a very young age, he was exposed to the world of carpentry and machinery while working with his father on a construction site, and that skill set proved to be hereditary. As his education developed, his interest grew in Science and Medicine, and Dr. Boniello gravitated toward the field of Orthopedics because of its many parallels with carpentry and the cutting-edge devices used to perform surgery. Many of the mechanics of fracture work are the same as building or fixing a piece of furniture. “I just really love being able to help my patients with their injuries and positively affect their life.”

After graduating from Eastern Virginia Medical School, he trained in trauma at Cooper University Hospital Trauma Center, where he learned to effectively treat fractures of all varieties and acuities. He then went on to complete a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania where he subspecialized in arthroscopy, specifically of the shoulder, hip and knee.

Due to his extensive training in both trauma and arthroscopy, Dr. Boniello understands that injuries can occur in any setting, either in a sport, a car accident, or can be chronic and happen slowly over time. He understands that each injury requires the same level of diligence and care, no matter the cause. Dr. Boniello treats any upper or lower extremity injury, sustained in sport or otherwise, but he is distinctly different from his peers with his training in hip arthroscopy.

Most athletes expect and experience an injury at some point, whereas most trauma is accidental, and patients are in shock. This insight has informed his bedside manner to this day. As a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Boniello treats all shoulder, knee, and injuries resulting from athletic activities or exercise. But, he is distinctly different from his peers with his hip arthroscopy training.

Dr. Boniello was drawn to OSP because of the amazing team of specialists.

   It’s like a family, I’m excited!  
– Dr. Boniello

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Specializing in Athletes & Active Lifestyles

Common Conditions Treated

  • Hip Labrum Tears
  • Shoulder Labrum Tears
sports medicine conditions

What Should You Expect From An Evaluation?

Medical History

The first step in the evaluation is a thorough medical history. You’ll first be asked some basic questions about your medical history and lifestyle.

Physical Examination

A complete physical examination includes inspection and assessment of your range of motion.  Your doctor will look for physical abnormalities, swelling, deformity, or muscle weakness, and check for tender areas.


Specific tests may be ordered to help identify the cause of your pain and any other problems.

  • X-rays
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound
  • Computed tomography (CT) scan
  • Electrical studies. Your doctor may order a test, such as an EMG (electromyogram), to evaluate nerve function
Knee and Hip Joint Replacement

Treatment Options

After your evaluation and imaging tests, your doctor will talk with you about your diagnosis and explain what treatments are available. Together, you’ll decide on a personalized treatment plan based on your diagnosis, activity level, goals, and preferences. Non-surgical treatment is always the first goal. Dr. Bonniello understands the need to understand your condition and the treatment plan. He makes every attempt to insure you are comfortable with your options.

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Another successful ACL surgery for a hockey athlete

Michael Boniello

Dr. Boniello a part of the NCAA tournament team doctors

Knee and Hip Joint Replacement


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