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Jim Leone – Double Knee Replacement Patient

Jim Leone
-Double Knee Replacement Patient

Jim Leone played a lot of football in high school, in college, and throughout the years, that unfortunately caught up with him as it usually does for many. He went to the Lahey Clinic in the 1980s for an initial surgery to buy him some time until a full knee replacement, which provided relief for a while. However, things slowly but surely got worse over the years.

It was when he found himself on vacation in Italy, literally dragging his leg behind him as he attempted to hike up a mountain with his family, that he knew it was time to head back to the doctor. He joked, “I probably looked like something out of an old Western movie from the 1960s,” and he didn’t want to continue living that way!

Upon his return, Jim was referred to Dr. McAllister. As he arrived at Dr. McAllister’s office for his first visit, he was impressed by the team’s professionalism and evident expertise, shown through their ease of communication and knowledge of the knee replacement procedure he’d require. According to Jim, this professionalism was reinforced on surgery day when they just continued to make things simple for him.

With ease, Dr. McAllister replaced Jim’s left knee after removing all the hardware from that initial surgery in 1988. After Jim started experiencing pain in the right knee a year or so later, he went back to Dr. McAllister for a right knee replacement. Jim excitedly shared, “Now, I’m walking, biking, and doing yoga, pain-free, every day. Just no marathons, which is fine by me!”

Now that he’s in his 60s, Jim said that many friends are starting to have similar problems with hips, knees, and joints. Whenever he thinks they may be interested in seeing someone for relief he immediately tells them to contact Dr. McAllister without hesitation or a question in his mind.

 Now, I’m walking, biking, and doing yoga, pain-free, every day. Just no marathons, which is fine by me!  – Jim Leone