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For seven years, Tim struggled with bone-on-bone pain in his knee. But, like many of us, he ignored it and continued his life as best he could until he simply couldn’t anymore. The pain peaked in early 2024, and he found himself in the offices of Orthopedic Surgical Partners after his previous medical provider retired.

Tim made an appointment in our Avon Office with Dr. McAllister, MD, to try to remedy the pain. He knows over five individuals who have had successful experiences with McAllister and his team. Plus, he had successfully seen two other providers in the Orthopedic Surgical Partners network for his ankle in Rocky Hill and his back in Manchester.

Robert W. McAllister, MD

 Every time I’ve been to any of the offices, it’s been a positive experience. The office people are approachable and knowledgeable, and they get the job done. When you get to the office, your appointment is on time. The entire team is just absolutely unbelievable. They could not have been nicer.  – Tim W, OSP Patient

Another thing Tim noted is the surprising aesthetics of all the OSP offices he’s visited. While some medical practices aren’t the cleanest or most beautiful places you’ve ever seen, Tim shared that every office was immaculate and tastefully decorated; the Avon office transports him to Paris every time he visits because of its elegant design and decor.

When it came time to see Dr. McAllister, Tim was eager to hear what he had to say. He shared that Dr. McAllister was direct and incredibly knowledgeable and shared that, without question, Surgery was his best option to repair his knee.

Surgery was scheduled for December, but when it came down to it, Tim wasn’t mentally prepared to undergo the procedure. He called and canceled. But, as the pain got worse, he called in March to reschedule.

During his appointment with Dr. McAllister, Tim noted that what surprised and delighted him the most was that Dr. McAllister truly wanted him to be prepared for surgery, asking, “Are you sure you’re ready this time?” rather than pushing the surgery on him. Tim felt more confident and secure in his decision to move forward. After working with Lisa and seeing the incredible respect and teamwork throughout the practice, he was reassured that he was in the absolute best hands.

Senior man doing physiotherapy in doctors room from sport injury. Portrait of old man in clinic or hospital consultation room after sports accident or hurt himself doing exercise with stretching band

On March 26, 2024, Tim underwent surgery at St. Francis Hospital. While he wasn’t thrilled to stay overnight because it was the last surgery of the day, he shared that it was the best possible thing that could have happened. He had time to rest, the nurses took great care of him, and he was able to take his first spin on his new knee around the floor at 3:00 a.m.—700 steps just hours after surgery.


Today, Tim is walking around Costco and Michael’s and getting ready for his first drive around town a whole week sooner than expected due to a successful surgery and dedication to his physical therapy. 


The best part? Thanks to Dr. McAllister and the OSP team, he’s pain-free for the first time in years. In fact – he recently had his first follow up and is doing so incredibly well “I couldn’t be happier!”

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