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Linda Chagnon – Shoulder Replacement Patient

Linda Chagnon -
Shoulder Replacement Patient

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Linda Chagnon needed medical assistance after experiencing a fall in her condo, which resulted in a broken shoulder. She had a history of care with Dr. McAllister and Dr. Mara as a former employee of the hospital, so she knew that she could instantly trust anyone who partnered with them, stating that,

 The kindness of the doctors in the OSP offices is unparalleled. 

This led her to Dr. Risinger.

Upon her appointment with Dr. Risinger and reviewing her x-rays, it was deduced that she needed a total shoulder replacement due to the extreme injury she had sustained. It would provide greater strength, mobility, and lessened long-term pain, which were all important factors for Linda. While Linda is still recovering from the surgery, she is confident that this will help her get back to her life without the pain caused by this debilitating injury.

After her experience with Dr. Risinger and his team, she shared,

 They truly take the time to listen to you. You are not a number to them, you’re a real person in their office who they’re ready to care for. 

Everyone deserves that level of personal attention and care. This is a priority for all our doctors here at OSP!

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