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Jeff Vagell – OSP Surgery Patient

Jeff Vagell -
OSP Surgery Patient

Middle aged man sitting on the sofa and holding painful shoulder with another hand.

Aging is the darnedest thing. And while it impacts everyone differently, it’s pretty common to deal with issues like bone spurs, arthritis, and loose tendons that lead to injuries like a torn rotator cuff. This is exactly what happened to Jeff Vagell.

Always an active guy, a former physical education teacher and soccer player, at 68 years old, the pain was starting to take over and limit his ability to do things he loved. He shared, “These injuries irritated my movement for years. Right before my surgery, even sleep was pretty much murder due to the pain.”

When it got unbearable, Jeff knew he had to take action so he could enjoy life again. His wife, a receptionist at OSP, had spoken with many other patients throughout her time there who raved about their experiences with Dr. Risinger, so she recommended he make an appointment.

Jeff was glad he did. He shared that pre- and post-surgery, Dr. Risinger made it simple for a layman to understand. From what type of surgical options he had, what expectations to have, and what the recovery process would be like, everything was made crystal clear with compassionate explanations and care.

Jeff was amazed that after the successful surgery, Dr. Risinger was even able to show him color photographs of the surgery. Dr. Risinger pointed out areas affected by arthritis that they had fixed, so Jeff could see what was done firsthand. Jeff claims he’s one of the easiest guys to talk to and has been in touch with him throughout his recovery process.

Now, nine weeks after his surgery with Dr. Risinger, Jeff can move without the original pain and nearly without restriction. He’s optimistic for the road ahead and is enjoying all the restorative, pain-free sleep that he has been missing out on for years.

 If I need any more surgeries for other issues down the road, I know I have found the best, and I am going to recommend Dr. Risinger to my family and friends without hesitation.  – Jeff Vagell


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