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Woman with hand and arm pain at home.

When Jennifer’s arthritis began to cause pain down her arm, her primary care physician recommended a trip to the Orthopedic Surgical Partners Speed Pass Walk In.

Jennifer emphasized the efficiency and seamlessness of the process, dubbing it a “one-stop shop” for medical care. Instead of enduring the hassle of a more “traditional” diagnosis, everything was conveniently taken care of in one place. This streamlined approach helped expedite the healing process!

 If I had dealt with this at my primary care, while I love going to them, I would have had to probably get a referral, schedule the X-ray appointment, and follow up. It would have taken much longer. 

-Jennifer Kaufman, OSP Patient

Instead, she was immediately diagnosed with X-rays during her first walk-in experience at OSP. She left with a diagnosis of deep core vein tendonitis, a splint, anti-inflammatories to help with the pain, and a follow-up appointment.

She shared that both Mark and her nurse, Rose, were incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate throughout the experience. Even though she came on a busy Monday morning, the entire office was efficient and dedicated to patient care.

During the follow-up appointment, Mark Cloutier, PA-C, was able to give her a cortisone shot that sealed the deal on recovery. Just three to four weeks after her initial appointment, she’s completely pain-free!

Mark Cloutier PA-C

Mark Cloutier, PA-C

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