Dr. Daniel – Helping a Patient Take Steps Back to the Activities She Loves

Rhonda Sheets – Double Knee Replacement Patient

Rhonda Sheets –
Double Knee Replacement Patient

Middle-aged woman walking in city park

About 15 years ago, Rhonda Sheets, had an accident hiking on a brush-filled path that damaged both of her knees. Eventually, the pain got intolerable, and after trying cortisone shots and gel shots, she and her doctor knew that wasn’t going to be enough. Recently she got a referral for surgery with Dr. Chad Daniel at Orthopedic Surgical Partners.

“When I met him, I instantly knew he was the surgeon for me.” Rhonda expressed, “He looked me right in the eyes and told me the truth. No sugar coating. He was truthful about the fact that my knees were bone on bone. It was a miracle I was still able to walk at all. I guess I have a pretty high pain tolerance!”

Dr. Daniel also confidently shared that despite Rhonda’s condition, he could relieve her pain with a double knee replacement and help her regain at least some of the daily movement that she could not perform anymore. “I trusted him, and the results I got from surgery were more than I could have ever expected,” she shared.

Rhonda is now doing things that she hasn’t been able to do comfortably for over 15 years. “I can walk up the stairs pain-free again. I’m able to wander the mall and shop around without searching for a chair after 5-10 minutes.” But perhaps the most exciting fact about her recovery is the amount of satisfaction she gets going for walks on her lunch breaks.

 I go on walks now and am actually able to enjoy them—I would have never been able to do that before.  – Rhonda Sheets

Middle-aged woman walking in city park
Middle-aged woman walking in city park

“Dr. Daniel and his incredible assistant and team welcomed me with open arms, answered all my questions—even the simplest of questions when I was seeking confirmation or reassurance, and they were so professional with every visit. They always made sure I felt comfortable, confident, and cared for with no worries in sight.”

 My surgery with Dr. Daniel and the experience with his team was life-changing, I only wish I had done it sooner.  – Rhonda Sheets

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