Dr. Schmidtberg – An Orthopedic Surgeon with a Compassionate, People-First Approach

L.G., OSP Orthopedic Patient

On October 22nd, L.G. was at her granddaughter’s day-long soccer tournament. This wet, dreary day was the first boot day of the season. While it should have been like any other tournament day, the loose ground and change in footwear caused L.G. to slip and fall as she turned quickly on her way to the parking lot. As she fell, protecting her recent hip replacement by catching her fall with her wrist, she immediately felt a sharp pain. Upon standing, she realized her left wrist was twice the size of her right. Unfortunately, tournament day ended with a trip to the emergency room for her.

After being told her wrist was broken and discussing her options with the ER doctors, she decided to call Orthopedic Surgical Partners. After her recent positive experience with Dr. McAllister for her hip replacement, she trusted OSP over other local orthopedic offices. He recommended that she saw Dr. Schmitberg and was able to get her an appointment to see him as early as possible on Monday.

 As a 73-year-old woman, it’s very refreshing to have a doctor speak so kindly and completely, not assuming I knew everything. He was far from the common cut-and-dry doctors you get a lot of the time today. He shared everything with zero assumptions, which I appreciated so much. After our appointment, I knew Dr. McAllister brought him on for a reason. He’s not only incredibly bright but also highly compassionate and personable.  – L.G.

Brian Schmidtberg smiling in suite and tie

She expressed that Dr. Schmitberg made her incredibly comfortable during her initial appointment. He was thorough in the examination and shared in detail what he saw in the x-rays. From there, he provided her with two options, explaining each in-depth, so she understood and had all the information possible to make an informed decision.

Between the scheduling staff’s efficiency and Dr. Schmitberg’s attentiveness, she only had to wait until Thursday that same week for surgery and is now on the mend!

She kindly wrapped up her experience with Dr. Schmitberg by sharing, “He’s everything you could hope for in a surgeon.”

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