Dr. Yannopoulos – A Doctor That Won’t Let Age Slow His Patients Down

Nancy Pearson – OSP Patient

Nancy Pearson - OSP Patient

elder osteoarthritis

Nancy Pearson is more active than your average 85-year-old, and it’s partially due to the care she’s received from Dr. Yannopoulos. When she first started suffering from pain in her knees due to aging, she did her own research to find a doctor she felt she could trust with her care.

Growing up in Worcester in a large Greek community, she instantly connected with Dr. Yannopoulos, which allowed her to feel comfortable right off the bat. While her primary care physician questioned her about choosing a doctor who specializes in lumbar pain—she knew that his skilled hands could handle just about anything. And she was right!

Nancy shared,  When you first meet Dr. Yannopoulos it’s as if you’ve known him for years. He has this ingratiating personality that makes it easy to connect with him. He’s intelligent and friendly which instantly made me feel more relaxed. 

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After reviewing her x-rays Dr. Yannopoulos eloquently shared his suggested treatment options. He provided reasoning linked directly to what he was reading on the x-rays— which he explained in layman’s terms and made simple for Nancy to understand. Nancy raves about how magnificent he is about addressing the problem and covering the choices you have to fix your problem. She also said that if you listen to him during your appointments, you’ll learn a lot about your own condition from his expertise!

Ultimately, they decided together that cortisone shots and therapy exercises were the correct plan of care for Nancy to ease the pain she was experiencing in her knees. These shots have allowed Nancy to continue her active lifestyle pain-free. She’s excited about upcoming travels (which she’ll get cortisone injections for before her departure) and pencils in her gym time for the daily movement she is passionate about! Without the shots from Dr. Yannopoulos, she wouldn’t be able to continue to do what she loves without excruciating pain, and for that, she is forever grateful.

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