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Lisa Schack – OSP Patient

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Lisa Schack has wrestled with gradual aging in a way all of us do. After getting her knee replaced with OSP and having a great experience, she knew it was time to address the bunion and hammer toe that caused mobility and confidence issues for years. Her knee doctor recommended Dr. Amy Bruce, and she was thrilled to give her a chance!

After her first visit with Dr. Bruce, she knew she was the one to take care of this pesky problem. Lisa had visited another doctor three years ago to see what it would take to fix the bunion and hammer toe. Unfortunately, this doctor proposed a highly invasive procedure that would take months and months of recovery with no ability to put pressure on her foot. However, with Dr. Bruce, she uncovered a simple, minimally invasive procedure with about 6-8 weeks of recovery time and the ability to walk with a boot after two weeks.

When surgery was suggested, Lisa shared that  Dr. Bruce genuinely took the time to ensure I was comfortable, not just physically, but that I fully understood the procedure, really wanted to do it, and was ready to go when the day came. And she checked in throughout the recovery process.  

After surgery, due to Dr. Bruce’s expertise and skill, Lisa was pain-free during the few days following the procedure, which she wasn’t expecting. She also said there is virtually no scarring, and it looks impeccable. She is thrilled with her results and has been given a new lease on life with confidence. Plus, her arthritis has been rectified by the procedure, which was a bonus for her!

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 I’m currently walking pain-free. In fact, I’m going to go back in the spring to do the other foot because it was such a great experience. I have zero fears or reservations. She did a fantastic job. You can’t even tell anything was ever wrong. I’m so excited to be able to wear flip-flops this summer!  – Lisa Schack

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